Card Valet

Card Valet Tour

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Worried that your debit card has been lost or stolen?

  • Download the CardValet App

Download the CardValet app to your smart phone or tablet and manage your Wayne Bank debit card anytime and anywhere.

  • Turn Your Card Off

If your debit card is missing, turn your card off. No purchases or withdrawals will be approved until the card is turned back on.

  • Set Spending Limits

Allow transactions up to a certain amount and decline transactions that exceed your limit.

  • Set Merchant Categories

Monitor and control transactions for specific merchant categories like gas, hotel, restaurants, and more.

  • Set Locations

Location based controls can restrict usage to merchants located within that specific location.

  • Set Real-Time Alerts

Set up real-time alerts when your card is used or when a transaction is approved or declined.

To register: Download the CardValet app from the Google Play™ or App Store™ and follow prompts. Must have a Wayne Bank debit card, will not work on ATM cards. For help call (800) 598-5002.
CardValet is a registered tradmark of Fiserv, Inc.