Vendor Data Breach – MOVEit Event (12/29/2023)

On October 19, 2023, Wayne Bank was notified by a third-party Information Technology (IT) service provider of a data security incident that involved unauthorized access to a number of its financial institution clients’ customer data, including Wayne Bank customer information, in one of their file transfer applications, MOVEit. Please note, the vulnerability discovered in MOVEit did not involve any of Wayne Bank’s internal systems and did not impact our ability to service our customer. Click here for the full letter to our impacted customers.

Debit Card Processing Issue (6/22/2023)

We recently experienced an outage in some Wayne Bank debit cards due to a processing issue with one of our technology partners, as part of the roll-out process of our new and improved contactless debit cards. We understand that not having access to your debit card is frustrating and inconvenient. We apologize profusely for this and assure you that the issue has been resolved and all transactions are processing properly. If you experience any issues with your Wayne Bank debit card, please contact our Customer Care Service Center at (800)598-5002 and a representative will gladly assist you.

Message of Strength from your local Community Banks (3/16/2023)

The stability of a community can often be defined by the strength of the partnerships that comprise it. For Honesdale and the greater Wayne County area, the individual and collective business practices of The Honesdale National Bank, The Dime Bank, and Wayne Bank continue to fasten the region’s seams. Click here for the full letter to our community.

To our Shareholders, Customers, and Communities (3/13/2023)

Friday ended the day with California regulators closing Silicon Valley Bank. Over the weekend a New York bank was closed by regulators. If you or members of your family were investors in these banks, I am sorry for what you are going through. Silicon Valley Bank was a major lender to tech start-up businesses, which they seemed to do well. They began doing business in other industries that were less well known to them, and that other banks deemed too risky to do. It caused them to grow too fast and strained their ability to manage their banks safely. – Click here for the full letter to our community.

Mail Theft on the Rise (12/20/2022)

Mail theft of checks in our area is a growing problem. If you mail checks from your mailbox or from a public United States Postal Service mailbox there is some risk of those check being stolen. Never mail cash! How to protect yourself: While there is no foolproof way to guarantee the safe delivery of your check, you can reduce the window of opportunity for theft by putting mail in the mailbox close to the pickup time. You can also bring mail to the Post office itself. You can also monitor your payments with online banking to view check images and ensure that payees and amounts are correct. Please contact the Bank as soon as possible if you discover a check has been stolen. Time is of the essence when attempting to stop criminals from successfully cashing a stolen check.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic Information (3/12/2020)

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic has evolved, so too has guidance. Please call our customer care team with any questions at (800) 598-5002. Click here for the current status of any office location.

Tips to Protect Against Phishing Scams

Please do not be tricked by phishing emails or text message scams that appear to come from Wayne Bank. These fraudulent communications may tell you to login at Wayne Bank to update your account, receive an important message, confirm your account information, or call a number not previously given to you to update your card information.

If you are uncertain about a message you have received, never click any link within the message, and don’t call any phone number from the message. Either call a phone number you know and trust to be Wayne Bank (your local office or 1-800-598-5002 or type the web address directly into your browser to access Wayne Bank’s online services.

Wayne Bank does not trade or sell your personal information- including email addresses. Click on the Privacy Policy link at the bottom of the page for complete information on how Wayne Bank is committed to protecting your privacy.

What is Phishing?

You may have received an email falsely claiming to be from Wayne Bank or another known entity. This is called “phishing” because the sender is “fishing” for your personal data. The goal is to trick you into clicking through to a fake or “spoof” website, or into calling a bogus customer service number where they can collect and steal your sensitive personal or financial information.

Telephone, E-Mail, Text Scams

Never give personal information to a stranger who contacts you by telephone, email, or other means. This includes your Social Security number, bank account information, online banking credentials, and credit or debit card numbers and expiration dates. Wayne Bank will never initiate a personal or automated call, e-mail, text message, or other form of communication that will ask you to provide this information. If you receive such a call contact Wayne Bank at 1-800-598-5002 to report the incident.