Our multi-factor authentication security solution provides you added safety by helping ensure that only you can access your bank accounts.

During online banking enrolment you will choose three security questions and answers. The answers are case sensitive and will be asked anytime you are not recognized by the system.

Wayne Bank utilizes several layers of security for your protection

  • Access ID and password. This is information only you should know.
  • An Extended Validation (EV) certificate is used so you can visibly confirm you are at the genuine waynebank.com website. You will see the certificate after you enter your access ID. The address bar will turn green and display Fiserv Inc.
  • We also use device authentication. This means we know what device you are using to logon to online banking. For example your computer, phone, or tablet. At any time you logon from an unrecognized device you will be asked to answer one of your secret questions. Your online browsing history is also stored on your computer. If your browsing history is deleted you will also be asked to answer a secret question.
  • Another layer of invisible security is your geographic location. This is your physical location used to logon to our online banking system. If you log on from an unrecognized location you will be asked to answer one of your security questions. Multi-factor authentication is a quick and easy security measure that helps prevent fraud and identity theft whenever you log on to the Wayne Bank Internet Banking Solution.

This security feature adds a layer of protection to your online account by letting you know you’re at our real website, and letting us know it’s really you trying to access your account

Letting you know it’s really us

The EV certificate will help you distinguish our real website from a look-a-like. When you see the EV certificate you can be confident that you are at our real site and that it is safe to enter your password.

Remember: Once you have signed up, NEVER enter sensitive information online. We do not need to ask you for personal information. We already have all of your information in our records.

Letting us know it’s really you

If we do not recognize the computer being used when you are logging on, we will ask you to verify your identity by answering your challenge questions.

When you sign in from a different computer you are asked to answer a challenge question to protect your account. You can choose to have the system register your computer so you will not have to answer your challenge question in the future.