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Positive Pay is a fraud prevention system to help businesses protect against forged, altered, and counterfeit checks.

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Wayne Bank Business Online Banking customers have the option to add this free service to their account.


  • Positive Pay matches the dollar amount of each check, the check number, and the account number that is presented for payment against business checks that you have previously authorized and issued.
  • As you issue checks, you’ll upload a formatted list of them into Positive Pay via a template in Business Online Banking.

  • When a check is presented to Wayne Bank that does not have a match within the files you’ve uploaded, it becomes an exception item.
  • Every day, Wayne Bank will send you an email notification for any exception items to review within Business Online Banking.

  • You will then decide whether to pay or return each check.**


  • Positive Pay provides you with an opportunity to significantly reduce your business’s exposure to fraud by identifying altered or counterfeit checks before they have a chance to post.

  • Positive Pay can help you automate check reconciliation.
  • Positive Pay is an important tool for companies in all industries that are at risk for identity theft and fraud scams.
  • Positive Pay enhances visibility of check activity, allowing you greater control over your finances.

For more information on POSITIVE PAY and/or BUSINESS ONLINE BANKING, please stop by your Local Community Office or call (800) 598-5002 to speak with a Customer Service Representative regarding details.

*Must have Wayne Bank’s Business Online Banking to add Positive Pay to your account. A separate agreement is required. Positive Pay is accessed within Business Online Banking.
**Decisions must be made before a pre-agreed upon cutoff time each day.